Top 10 Home Made Skin Tan Solutions for this summer

Starting with a bang of Holi colors, endless ice cream treats, chilled mango shakes, summer vacations and a splash of colors on your lifestyle, nothing remains untouched with the warmth of Summer. The mercury levels may be shooting past the earlier records but the vigor and enthusiasm of our generation never burns out.
Home Made Skin Tan Solutions 2
1 -Face Wash
Traveling in summer becomes a tedious affair for your skin if you don’t look out for it carefully. The very second you step out in the sun, your skin soaks in a lot of harmful rays, dust and pollutants. The never ending outpouring salty sweat, makeup or even slight dirt irritates your skin easily, resulting in choking of pores leading to further ailments, dull and dead skin. So the first and foremost thing in your packing list should be a face wash that cleanse your skin thoroughly without leaving any trace of impurity.
2 – Hair Shampoo
The scorching summer heat can be a bit deadly to your hair, as deprives it from moisture and essential oils, resulting in dull, damaged and frizzy hair locks. Don’t get baffled up with lucrative variety of shampoos available in the market with so many probable combinations, just focus on what your hair demands from you.

3 – Conditioner
The right conditioner can give you silky and manageable tresses from that dry, frizzy, tangled hair. If your hair are dyed then situation becomes even more grim cause your hair become more fragile after color treatment. A concoction of protein, glucose and lipids give life to your dull damaged hair. Try to use conditioner as shampoo of same brand as it can give you the desired results.

4 – Body Shavers
Summer is the season when you get enough opportunities to flaunt your perfectly toned skin, not only because you love to but also short, sleeveless dresses help your skin breathe fresh air. Surely you don’t want to show off your hairy skin, so get up ladies and clean out every unwanted hair from you skin before going for chill-outs. And now you are ready to wear anything, flaunt your tube top with denim shorts or be the bikini girl on the beach or go swimming in your favorite swim suit.

5 – Moisturizer
If you want to have soft-supple skin, consume plenty of water and lots of fruits and vegetables daily, it keeps your skin nourished and healthily glowing every day. Though internal nourishment is vital but the epidermal layer of skin is the one that gets roasted in the sun, so outer protection is also equally crucial. With heat and humidity leaving your skin greasy, so go for moisturizers that would nourish it giving a charming matte look, without adding more oil. And if it contains Sun Protection Factor then it will be an added advantage.

6 – Sunscreen
As the saying goes prevention is better than cure, protect your skin from getting tanned and affected by harmful effects UV rays rather than wasting your hard earned money on tan removal treatments. So choose for a higher SPF value sunscreen that will protect you from the scorching heat. Sun Block lotions by Lotus Herbals and Lakme are really effective in safeguarding your skin.

7- Lip balm
Lips being the most sensitive part of our face get easily dried and chapped even with a slight whirling wind, then think what impact heat must be having on our juicy soft lips. Wear lip balms with built-in SPF, so that you can stay protected all the time.
Home Made Skin Tan Solutions
8- Deodorants
Once out in the sun for long, it all smells like sweat and dirt and surely, you won’t like your new dress to patch up with sweat. Coming to your rescue, we are here to provide you the world’s best fragrances so that you carry a world of confidence around you. There are antiperspirants that will keep your armpits as dry and cool as sand beaches.

9- Sanitizer
While away from home one thing you cannot afford to ignore is your health. With rising summer heat, we come across frequent cases of food poisoning, allergic reactions etc. Healthy clean hands are the key to good health.

10 – Wet Tissues
Facial wipes not only nourish and refresh your skin wiping out all dust but leaves your skin lingering with light spicy notes. There are wipes which are effective for cleansing your face thoroughly removing every trace of makeup, dust and oil, when you are not at the liberty to use your cleanser.

For the sake of your health assurance, it is advisable to have e111. It really is important when it comes to saving medical costs.

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