Best Apps for Political Science Degree Majors

Changing the world doesn’t happen overnight, and those who work in politics are faced with the challenge of trying to find means to effectively balance their efforts and time to create the strongest impact on the world around them.  Even before they become politicians, students pursuing an online political science degree often face the same time management challenges.  Fortunately, in the age of laptops and mobile apps, there are plenty of resources to help budding world-changers make the most of the time.


This free app, available on most mobile devices, allows users to browse up-to-date and in-depth political news.  Readers can access information and news articles about the president, Congress, elections, and even lobbying interests.  The app seeks to live up its publication counterpart, POLITICO magazine, which seeks to provide exceptional coverage of politics.  The app offers users news articles, blogs, policy information, and even videos that feature live online content.  With this app, students and anyone interested in politics can maintain an up-to-date and informed perspective about what’s happening in the White House and on Capitol Hill.

Political Time Machine

Any student of political science may love this app, but those who are history buffs may be particularly fond of Political Time Machine.  The app allows users to use historical footage to learn about presidential elections.  By choosing a president and a date, students can access a collection over 2,500 videos and watch archival footage of iconic and lesser-known presidents.  A convenient feature also allows users to quickly share videos over social media.

Real-time Congress

Congress, with its two houses and hundreds of politicians, is a daunting aspect of politics to cover.  However, as the national law-making bodies, the House of Representatives and the Senate are extremely important to the world of politics.  Students who want to keep up with the events within both houses can turn to this app, which features daily and weekly congressional schedules and gives live updates from the congressional floor.  The app also offers users access to policy documents and voting results.

Real Clear Politics

Based upon the Chicago-based, this app seeks to provide users with easy access to no-nonsense, unbiased reporting on political news and events, the same sort of coverages that is offered on the company’s politically independent website.  The app, like the site, offers news, commentary, and polling data.

UCLA PoliSci

Although developed particularly for students studying political science at UCLA, this free app may be beneficial to students at other schools.  The app does offer an interface for students and members of UCLA’s Department of Political Science to find updates and news about upcoming events at their school, but the app also offers news about current political events and blog posts from department members about relevant political issues.  Students can also find information about potential job opportunities and internships.

Pursuing a career in politics can be daunting, but students can streamline their education and their political interests by taking advantage of these innovative apps.  With all of this information easily accessible on laptops and mobile devices, staying informed about the world of politics is now easier than ever.

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Fairs and Festivals of Mersin, Turkey

Turkey is usually referred as the cradle of civilization and culture in Asia and Europe. Turkey covers an vast area called Anatolia. In the early ages of history, Anatolia was known to accommodate the early settlements of people such as Sumerians, Lydians, Byzantines, Hittites and Ottomans. This makes it an area of great interest to travelers and other people as it harbours rich history, cultures etc. therefore Turkey is popular for festivals and fairs which are culturally motivated. Therefore Turkey is rich in culture, history and scenic beauty which attract millions of visitors across the globe. Mersin city offers great opportunity to spend enjoyable moments with a variety of festivals and events. Below are some of the popular Fairs and Festivals in the area around Mersin.

· Karacaoglan Poetry Evening

This is a function where contemporary poets perform in front of audience from different parts of the world. These poets read poems, play string instruments and share folk songs with the guests in attendance.

· Citrus Festival

Citrus is the main cash crop in Turkey. In an effort to promote Mersin citrus and its tourism prospects, the festival is held in November. I t was established in 2010 and held annually. A parade of citrus products of different sizes is conducted. Fashion shows and dance shows are some of the main activities done with the festival going on for even two days since it is held on weekends. Foreign participants from countries like Russia, Serbia, Ukraine, and Greece among others also take part in these activities.

· Mersin International Music Festival

This festival is conducted by private companies and the ministry of tourism in Turkey. Started in 2004 and has grown to popularity as of now. The main venues include Mersin cultural centre, Congress and Exhibition centre in Mersin, Mersin University Amphitheatre and St.Paulus Church away from Mersin in the town of Tarsus.

· Turkish Oil Wrestling

This is a competitive sport where athletes are lathered in olive oil and then they compete to flip each other over or wrestle. A session goes for 30 minutes after which a referee selects a winner. This sport is done on grass and at a moment several matches take place. This sporting activity takes place only once a year and due to its popularity attracts many tourists.

· Mersin International Agriculture and Horticulture Fair

Since agriculture is one of the main economic activities in Turkey, this fair is the most important event. The exhibitors come from across the agricultural sector ranging from seed, Agrochemical, pesticide and fertilizer companies among others.

· Turkey receives millions of visitors annually and therefore it has improved its visa processing system for visitors to have a pleasant holiday experience. To apply for a Turkey visas, an interested person can go online at for an electronic document. One gets an electronic visa or e-visa through online application on condition that they possess a 6 month valid passport from the date of application. Holders of valid passport may travel without visa or with a visa received upon arrival to Turkey.

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Frequently Asked Questions In Regards To Designer Home Builders

Whilst many people are clamouring to work with designer home builders, they may have some reservations about signing on the dotted line immediately. If you have any questions about working with your builder, their construction process or anything else we hope that you can find the answer in the list below.

  1. “Why would a builder want to work with me? In other words, how do I put my project on top of their list?”
    Designer home builders generally work on turnover (meaning that the quantity of work they do determines their profit). To achieve good turnover, they need to have all of the information. If they think that your information is inadequate, they will put you at the bottom of the list.
  2. “Do I need a building permit for my project?”
    In almost all cases, the answer to this question will be ‘yes’; only in very rare circumstances will this vary (such as when the project is very small and may only involve internal work). No work should occur until you know whether a permit is required or not, as this could result in penalties even greater than the cost of the project itself.
  3. “Who issues a building permit and how long does it usually take to obtain one?”
    Building permits are issued by a registered building surveyor (either via the Council or privately). Once the drawings are made, the surveyor is paid a fee and they begin the checking process. Once they are satisfied, the permit is issued. Unfortunately, this can take weeks or even months.
  4. “Do I need a town planning permit for my project?”
    You will, generally, only need a town planning permit if the project is within the inner area of the city or if there is a planning overlay (such as a Heritage overlay). Outer suburban areas on standard sites where the project is very similar to the surrounding sites, generally, will not require one of these permits in order to proceed.
  5. “How long does it take to get a town planning permit?”
    Unfortunately, this will depend on a number of factors. It is actually the part of the construction process that is most unpredictable, as it depends on your design expectations, the expectations of local planning laws and planning departments, and the reaction of your neighbours. Most builders recommend that you allow for at least eighteen months.
  6. “What is environmental sustainable design (ESD)?”
    In the simplest of explanations, ESD is the use of design methods and the choice of materials in your project that minimise the load placed on the environment. It is hoped that this will help to reduce carbon dioxide production and, therefore, to help reduce the rate of climate change and other related problems.

If your questions haven’t been answered in the above list, we recommend that you contact your designer home builder and ask them at your nearest convenience. Don’t feel nervous or awkward about voicing your concerns, as most builders are more than happy to put your mind at ease.

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Top 4 Vacation Spots You Should Visit in United States

You can discover a great deal of areas everywhere throughout the world that could be seen as main 4 excursion spots relying upon the time of the year and the diversions of individuals taking some time off. Voyagers who delight in skiing will lean toward a spot with bunch of snow to join in of their most loved games while other individuals appreciate the sun and water and lying on the shore might. Others again may want to head to abroad goals and to visit intriguing nations, taste local nourishment, are more intrigued to encounter history and society, or delight in enterprise relaxes and lean toward lesser referred to ends off the decimated track as their top get-away spots.

Hawaii is that wonderful islands in the Pacific Ocean that yearly draw a huge number of guests. Likely almost all of occasion creators come to Hawaii because of its warm friendliness, amazing volcanoes, however above all else by its beautiful sunny shores. So it is totally straightforward why Hawaii islands are recorded here. One of the best profits of Hawaii is the fascination of being advantageously placed in the United States. This makes traveling to and inside Hawaii more agreeable.
Las Vegas is well referred to everywhere throughout the world as the capital of stimulation. In the event that you might want to strive for an awesome city break with excitement all that could possibly be needed, the main thing you need to do is searching for the right travel bundle to Vegas. Additionally prestigious as the Sin City, Las Vegas is a magnetic heaven and it’s completely legitimate as well. None the less, over the previous years, the notoriety of Las Vegas has changed from Sin City to a goal that is more turned to families. Today Las Vegas brings to the table somewhat something for each guest.
Walt Disney World is the ideal decision for a family relaxes. Consistently incalculable families with their children are going to Disney World, making it a standout amongst the most prevalent travel spots in the United States. This is the reason Disney World is a sincerely mysterious spot, brimming with comedians, privateers and princesses, and a few the most darling characters well known in the United States. A getaway to Disney World is loaded with amusement, snicker, and fun that couldn’t be finding on any possible area around the globe.
Los Angeles, otherwise called the City of Angels, appears to be exceptionally recognizable to explorers, even before they get there, on the grounds that this city is the home for incalculable TV programs and films. A getaway to Los Angeles has positively something for each individual. You are in a position to pick between an extensive variety of facilities and you’ll discover an incredible choice of culinary workmanship from far and wide, which symbolizes the cosmopolitan nature of LA.

If you are travelling first time in USA, and citizens of US Visa Waiver Program participating countries then Make sure first that you have all the required travel documents that are approved and valid for entry to the US, passports, visa for the US as well as valid identification for re-entry to the United States. Under VWP are now required to apply online for travel authorization via online ESTA before entering in USA. An Esta Visa allows you to stay in the US under the visa Waiver program for up to 90 days and allows travel to Mexico, Canada and the Caribbean. The validity of ESTA Visa is 2 years; it may be less in case your passport expires.

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Gay friendly destinations in USA

For the GLBT group, the standard rundown of gay-accommodating get-away spots is concise: San Francisco, New York, LA, Miami. Certainly, they are all extraordinary urban areas, yet they don’t offer much in the method for variety. You may even live in one of these additionally tolerating groups. Why not take an excursion out of the way?

New york

 Providence, Rhode Island

 First and foremost up is Providence, Rhode Island. Home to left-inclining schools like Brown and the Rhode Island School of Design, and additionally candidly gay chairman David N. Cicilline, Providence has ended up being tolerant of the GLBT group, as well as inviting to it. With craftsmanship displays and authentic building design, and gay bathhouses, interesting neighbourhoods, and the Culinary Archives and Museum at Johnson and Wales, there isn’t a deficiency of energizing things to do while going by Providence.

 Key West, Florida

Next on the schedule is Key West, Florida. Accurate to its authority saying, “one human family,” Key West has a gay-accommodating council of business (the Key West Business Guild), a GLBT Visitor Center, and the main City Aids Memorial in the nation. Take a ride on the country’s just Gay and Lesbian Historic Trolley Tour, visit the outdoors bars and clubs, or unwind on the sunny shore. There are additionally a lot of fun occasions to delight in, including Gay Spring Break and the Key West Pride Fest.

 New York City, USA 

 New York’s Chelsea and Greenwich Village are synonymous with gay life, having a flourishing out-there scene. Various quieter clubs and bars keep on prospering further uptown in Chelsea too. Each scene, from craft to form, is hot in New York – and the gay scene is no special case, with incredible displays, bars and clubs. June sees the required Gay Pride parade drawing in revellers from far and wide.


 In case you’re searching for an accurate GLBT-accommodating diamond, minor Saugatuck-Douglas is an asylum on the shores of unblemished Lake Michigan. The gay Saugatuck Douglas catalog records many gay-accommodating organizations. Obsolescent shops and craft displays line the lanes and are just minutes far from sandy vacation spots and nightfall’s over the lake. Saugatuck-Douglas is additionally home to the Midwest’s biggest gay and lesbian resort, the Dunes Resort, with energizing occasions happening practically consistently (and night)! Go for Drag Bingolicious, Sunday Tea, pool-side Dj’s, and even exceptional weekends for the entire family to revel in (yes, children included)!

 San Francisco 

 Rainbow banners beautify loft windows and bar passages in numerous San Francisco neighbourhood’s, with about every bar and business in the Castro indulging gays and lesbians. Pride Week is topped by the frequently absurd ‘Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Pride Parade’ – where a large portion of a million individuals party in the road on the last Sunday in June. Likewise in June is the long-running strange film celebration.

 Napa, California 

 Simply a hour or something like that north of San Francisco, the perfect drive up is a large portion of the fun. In any case once you get there, it’s about nourishment, wine and common unwinding – and more w

The gay friendly destinations above are great vacation spots with friendly communities. Why not travel? You need a visa to travel to these cities. The American visa application process is easy and brief.

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Top 10 Home Made Skin Tan Solutions for this summer

Starting with a bang of Holi colors, endless ice cream treats, chilled mango shakes, summer vacations and a splash of colors on your lifestyle, nothing remains untouched with the warmth of Summer. The mercury levels may be shooting past the earlier records but the vigor and enthusiasm of our generation never burns out.
Home Made Skin Tan Solutions 2
1 -Face Wash
Traveling in summer becomes a tedious affair for your skin if you don’t look out for it carefully. The very second you step out in the sun, your skin soaks in a lot of harmful rays, dust and pollutants. The never ending outpouring salty sweat, makeup or even slight dirt irritates your skin easily, resulting in choking of pores leading to further ailments, dull and dead skin. So the first and foremost thing in your packing list should be a face wash that cleanse your skin thoroughly without leaving any trace of impurity.
2 – Hair Shampoo
The scorching summer heat can be a bit deadly to your hair, as deprives it from moisture and essential oils, resulting in dull, damaged and frizzy hair locks. Don’t get baffled up with lucrative variety of shampoos available in the market with so many probable combinations, just focus on what your hair demands from you.

3 – Conditioner
The right conditioner can give you silky and manageable tresses from that dry, frizzy, tangled hair. If your hair are dyed then situation becomes even more grim cause your hair become more fragile after color treatment. A concoction of protein, glucose and lipids give life to your dull damaged hair. Try to use conditioner as shampoo of same brand as it can give you the desired results.

4 – Body Shavers
Summer is the season when you get enough opportunities to flaunt your perfectly toned skin, not only because you love to but also short, sleeveless dresses help your skin breathe fresh air. Surely you don’t want to show off your hairy skin, so get up ladies and clean out every unwanted hair from you skin before going for chill-outs. And now you are ready to wear anything, flaunt your tube top with denim shorts or be the bikini girl on the beach or go swimming in your favorite swim suit.

5 – Moisturizer
If you want to have soft-supple skin, consume plenty of water and lots of fruits and vegetables daily, it keeps your skin nourished and healthily glowing every day. Though internal nourishment is vital but the epidermal layer of skin is the one that gets roasted in the sun, so outer protection is also equally crucial. With heat and humidity leaving your skin greasy, so go for moisturizers that would nourish it giving a charming matte look, without adding more oil. And if it contains Sun Protection Factor then it will be an added advantage.

6 – Sunscreen
As the saying goes prevention is better than cure, protect your skin from getting tanned and affected by harmful effects UV rays rather than wasting your hard earned money on tan removal treatments. So choose for a higher SPF value sunscreen that will protect you from the scorching heat. Sun Block lotions by Lotus Herbals and Lakme are really effective in safeguarding your skin.

7- Lip balm
Lips being the most sensitive part of our face get easily dried and chapped even with a slight whirling wind, then think what impact heat must be having on our juicy soft lips. Wear lip balms with built-in SPF, so that you can stay protected all the time.
Home Made Skin Tan Solutions
8- Deodorants
Once out in the sun for long, it all smells like sweat and dirt and surely, you won’t like your new dress to patch up with sweat. Coming to your rescue, we are here to provide you the world’s best fragrances so that you carry a world of confidence around you. There are antiperspirants that will keep your armpits as dry and cool as sand beaches.

9- Sanitizer
While away from home one thing you cannot afford to ignore is your health. With rising summer heat, we come across frequent cases of food poisoning, allergic reactions etc. Healthy clean hands are the key to good health.

10 – Wet Tissues
Facial wipes not only nourish and refresh your skin wiping out all dust but leaves your skin lingering with light spicy notes. There are wipes which are effective for cleansing your face thoroughly removing every trace of makeup, dust and oil, when you are not at the liberty to use your cleanser.

For the sake of your health assurance, it is advisable to have e111. It really is important when it comes to saving medical costs.

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LGBT friendly cab company offers festival discount

Are you planning to visit one of the many gay festivals in UK this year? Obviously, transport can always be an issue if you live quite a distance away from the festival. If living in the capital, you might ask yourself: Should I take the bus, train and car or can I afford using a London minicab company?

London Cabs ( Continue reading

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Google is officially against homophobia

legalise love
Idaho are glad to read SEO Specialist’s blog post about Google’s latest support of the LGBT community. The search giant already support gay, bisexual and transgender people by offering several work benefits such as adoption assistance and transgender and transitioning workplace support . There are also several teams Continue reading

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WorldPride in London

Around 25,000 people came down to London last weekend to celebrate their pride to be gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender. The event was in Baker Street Whitehall then the crowd went to Trafalgar square for an open concert.

There were some setbacks for the group media said they did not have enough funds to hire cars this was mainly due to recession, but the event ran smoothly. Mr Tatchell the man who first started WorldPride in 1972 was happy with the contribution from the London gay citizens.

I think this is a good way to show how many gay people there are around the world or just in London and I think if they really want to do this with their life then they should go for it, we only live one as they say so why should they hold back on what they feel.

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IDAHO 2011

We are trying to collecting a team to promote the IDAHO 2011 campaign. Any volunteers? Without it, we are not able to re-launch the campaign for 2011.

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